Myself, Georgia Hazzard and Robbie Long have been steadily working on a new album since mid last year. A fresh batch of acoustic slide songs along with some electric guitar based funk and rock creations. There are a couple of new versions of tunes from Jigzag and DV8 days as well. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Yes! There’s a few shows on the horizon as we gradually emerge from Covid-19 lockdown time. DV8 are busy rehearsing new songs and a few old album tracks that we haven’t played live in years. First show is at Locals on the Lake at Toronto Hotel Saturday July 11th from 7-8pm. Mezz Bar on July 17 is our first full show from 8pm. Club Macquarie will be on Sunday September 20th from 2pm and stay tune for more shows in between.

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow we hit the rehearsal room and start to prepare for our first gig back from this period of isolation. Friday July 17th at Wallsend Diggers-Mezz Bar. Time to create new songs and brush up on the classics. we’ll keep you updated.

Hey Everyone!

It’s been quiet times for live gigs, however it’s been a perfect time to write and record new songs. The GB Band including Georgia Hazzard on bass and Robbie Long on drums, guitars and myself have been putting down new tracks at Funky Lizard studios when we can afford the space. 6 songs started and some new ones in the pipeline. A mix of funky electric and acoustic slide grooves and a couple of inventive co-writes with Georgia along with a reworked version of “Get Back Home”. We’re having loads of fun and enjoying some refreshing new sounds.

We’ll keep you updated. Stay tuned!


Thank you everyone for your support and musical company! This is a very unusual and uncertain time for all my professional musician friends. Last night at the Kent Hotel on March 22nd 2020 was my final live performance for an unforeseen period of time. All due to the government lockdown on all “non-essential services” due to the spread of the Corona Virus. I hope this lockdown helps keep people safe and well. I will remain steady, positive and creative during this time of quiet retreat. Some brand new music will be recorded and I’ll look forward to sharing it with you soon.

I’m leaving my previously booked gigs up for the time being even though these venues will remain closed for some time….

Happy New Year 2020 Everyone!

Thanks for joining myself and DV8 at so many shows through 2019. Thank you to the wonderful Yogi’s bassist Len Samperi for filling in for Mark from DV8 while he was recovering from surgery. Thank you to Georgia Hazzard for playing awesome bass and Travis Suprano on drums in the Greg Bryce Band during 2019. Coming into 2020 we’ll have Robbie Long taking over from Trav on drums and vocals and Georgie on bass. We have some fantastic brand new original songs to be recorded this year with GB Band.

Trav, Mark and myself with DV8 have some special shows planned also. We’ll be with Dragon on January 11th at Warners Bay Hotel and we plan to do some special themed shows during 2020 with songs we haven’t played in a while. Stay tuned!

We’re well into the second half of 2019 now and between DV8 and solo gigs there’s been more shows with Greg Bryce Project featuring Georgia Hazzard on bass and Travis Suprano on drums. The repertoire for this band is constantly expanding. Original songs from Hot Yogis, DV8, Jigzag and other newly created tracks along with an expanding list of covers spanning 80s, 90s and up to date songs.

2019 is off to a great start….many and varied shows from solo acoustic, Hot Yogis with Robbie and Len,  DV8 and the new trio with Georgia Hazzard on bass and Travis Suprano on drums…I’ve also spent 3 weeks in India and now back into writing new songs and making new plans…The Live at the Foreshore Concert has come and gone for DV8 in March and many more shows are planned for the year. See you at a gig soon!

Lots of different gigs these 2 months. The Trio at the Kent with the fabulously talented Robbie Long and Dave Javier has been a really fun and spontaneous jam with huge crowds of enthusiastic dancers. The amazing drumming of Brad Heaney has made a return as he jams with me and Georgia Hazard on bass at the Wicko on Sundays and other gigs. Stay tune for more gigs with these guys next year. Brad has finally come off many years of being unwell and heavy medication to resurface with all his skill intact that he showcased in DV8 and the Screaming Jets first 2 albums. Such a joy to see him playing so well and smiling again. Georgia is a new face on bass guitar in this town and has great natural talent.

DV8 will be doing gigs at the Wicko, QWH, Mezz Bar and Royal Crown at Dudley before Christmas and NYE Beach Party at Cardiff RSL.

August has been cold and windy as usual however the gigs have been full and warm and friendly. DV8 enjoyed a sold out double-header with Mental as Anything on August 11th at Warners Bay Hotel and other great shows at the Wicko and Shoal Bay Country Club. September will be Pelican RSL, Stockton Bowling Club and the Wicko again at the end of the month for DV8. Hot Yogis have been busy too with shows and reintroducing originals we haven’t played for a while off the Under The Wire album and songs like “Get Back Home” from Jigzag days. Speaking of Jigzag, we’ll be reforming for the weekend of 21,22,23 of September at Wintermoon Spring Festival near Mackay in Qld. Initially at the request of our musical friends Ange and Josh of “Swoon” who asked us to play for their wedding at Wintermoon. These guys are fabulous musicians in their own right and great friends so it seems like the perfect time to dust off those well worn Jigzag tunes and celebrate the love!!! As usual the solo shows are filled with a mix of DV8, Jigzag, Hot Yogis and GB originals with lots of covers as well.

Looking forward to spring time musical fun!