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Greg and Bo Diddley

Greg playing lead guitar for Bo Diddley at Doyalson RSL with the Rat Salad men.  A distinct privilege, honour and pleasure.     Greg was lucky enough to repeat the experience at the Sydney Entertainment Centre years later.

September 17, 2014

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We asked Greg to play at my 50th Birthday celebrations, he was so good that we asked him to play at my wife’s 50th in August 2014.  Greg played a wide variety of music, he encouraged participation from our guests with quite a few of us getting up and  dancing.  Throughout the night family and friends kept telling me that Greg was playing fantastic music.   When it came time for Greg to finish there were plenty of groans however we asked Greg if he could continue, he readily agreed and we really appreciated it.  When we told our guests that Greg was going to keep playing we were met with people telling us that they could listen to him all night. 
Thanks Greg, you are a very talented musician and entertainer. Everyone really enjoyed your music, Friends and family were still talking about how great you were a week after the party. We have had friends say that they would like to ask you to play at their next event. We highly recommend Greg, most definitely.


John and Lauri V. September 18, 2014

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Hi Greg, I would like to thank you for the fantastic music you played at my 50th Birthday.

You had the place rocking and as I explained to you when we chose the song list I wanted people up dancing and celebrating all night and this was exactly how the night progressed. Many of my friends said that they had not had a night of such fun , music and dance in a long time.

The selection was FANTASTIC! You played all the greats and the sing-along at the end of the night with my drunken friends was memorable to say the least.

Thanks again

Melanie October 3, 2014

“Under The Wire is an alluring mix of hookier-than-Rex-Hunt’s-tackle-box guitar lines, a bit of soulful funk, blues and even the odd ballad for good measure.”

Stephen Bisset Newcastle Post September 17, 2014

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Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets talks about Greg’s song “141” on the Screaming Jets album “Do Ya” which was originally recorded on DV8’s first album “Stab In The Dark” - 141 is a song that was originally written by Greg Bryce from a band called DV8 out of Newcastle (he also wrote "Blue Sashes" on ‘All for One’ and Back on the Hard Drugs on the ‘Tear of Thought’ album). It had more of a punk feel to it when first released in the late 70's or early eighties. It basically says we need to find real solutions to the ills of today’s society, instead of sticking a publicity band-aid on the problem, and hoping it goes away. I think the line, ‘no one wins in the human race' is a f**kin’ corker. My only regret being that I didn't write it.”

Dave Gleeson The Screaming Jets September 17, 2014

What a surprise!  This band really kicks freckle.  DV8 is the best thing to come out of Newcastle.  As a three-piece band it has a lot of punch, reminiscent of Matt Finish and early Spy V Spy.

The album’s production quality is excellent, the sound is clean but it hasn’t lost that live edge.  There’s always a chance that songs on an album will sound the same after a while but they are so varied that it doesn’t happen with this one.  Greg Bryce (guitar, vocals) is the band’s songwriter, creating some interesting atmospheres and images.  Listening to the album, I felt like I was really there. I could almost smell the beer and sweat, which is what a live album should be like.


People Magazine September 17, 2014

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For seven years Greg Bryce was the key to DV8, playing the roles of founding member, singer, guitarist and song-writer. Bryce was also the key to DV8’s popularity in Newcastle. He not only wrote catchy songs that incorporated a variety of styles, he understood exactly what the average pub-goer was looking for in a band…an act that was low on pretence but big on energetic guitar-based rock.

Scott Bevan The Newcastle Herald September 17, 2014

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"If there was one defining moment that shaped today's Newcastle music sound, that point was DV8.  In a town where if you didn't play covers, you didn't get a gig, DV8's Greg Bryce went against the grain and he and the band carved an 'enormous' following for his original Newcastle brand of music."

September 17, 2014